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Fefurbishing Felipe

by JR Thompson


Is it possible to stop severe mood swings?

Can Mr. Bones help Felipe regain control of his life?

One minute Felipe is bubbling over with excitement and the next he's ready to commit an act of homicide.

Felipe refuses to be medicated for his bipolar disorder.

The sixteen-year-old's grandparents hoped he would out-grow his impulsive behaviors, but he's getting worse.

Mr. Bones has a theory. He believes he can help Felipe, without the aid of the pills Felipe says serves no purpose but to steal his energy.

Dive into Refurbishing Felipe and you'll understand why Mr. Bones must win this spiritual battle!

Teens and adults alike will be intrigued by this uplifting tale of a life being transformed.

Get Your Copy of Refurbishing Felipe today!


Meet Felipe

Don't even try to size me up. Everybody thinks I look scrawny, but it's not the size of the dog that matters. Every heard that? It's the amount of fight in the dog, and believe me, this dog has some fight in him. That probation officer better watch his mouth!

Meet Belo

I don't really know why everybody's always upside with Felipe. I can't but half hear what any of them tell me. From what I see, he's pretty clean-cut, and follows most of the rules. He's a teenager, so of course he's going to experiment with things from time to time, and test some boundaries. But all in all, my grandson's a good kid.


Meet Bela

So you want to know what's going on with Felipe? He's a rotten apple. That's what he is! The boy is arrogant, rude, and on the road to trouble. One of these days he's going to meet his match, and somebody's going to put him in his place. I sure hope it happens sooner rather than later.

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