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Reforming Dawson

by JR Thompson


Some might describe him as a spoiled wealthy brat overcome with entitlement issues.


Dawson prefers to view himself as an attractive biracial male who just so happens to belong to the upper class.


At fifteen, the boy has learned that money has many advantages. It can be used for bribing authorities, getting his peers to wait on him hand and foot, and even for plotting revenge.

When Mr. Bones practically forces the teen into a mentoring relationship, Dawson’s rebellion rises to new heights. If he can’t buy the guy off, he’ll anger him to the point where Mr. Bones will voluntarily walk away.

If only someone would have warned him about how stubborn that probation officer could be!

This is going to be war!

Reforming Dawson is a clean, inspirational novel about the power of one individual to make a difference. If you enjoy fiction stories that offer hope, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, you will love not only Reforming Dawson, but every book in the Worthy Battle series.

Get your copy today!

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