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Redirecting Billy

by JR Thompson


As long as one has breath, hope exists!

Probation Officer Philip Bones, obviously a glutton for punishment, can't stand to see anyone hit rock bottom.

Without a shadow of doubt, he knows one person has the ability to make a life-long impact on another — and he doesn't take that responsibility lightly.

Too bad fourteen-year-old Billy Andrews lacks the self-discipline needed to change his wicked ways. When a young man asks to be mentored, a true servant of God can't refuse.

If Billy will heed the difficult lessons he's about to receive, he'll make a complete turnaround.

If you enjoyed Rebuilding Alden, you'll love Redirecting Billy!


Buy your copy today to find out if Billy can change his thug-like ways!


Meet Billy

My momma be trippin'! She can't be tossin' me out like a bag of garbage! But that's what she did! I ain't deserve this! If she knows what's best for her, she best be comin' back around that corner and  pickin' me up! She keep tryin' to treat me like a little kid. C'mon, now! I'm practically a grown man. She best get on over herself. That's all I'm sayin'.

Meet His Momma

That boy of mine needs a man in his life! Somebody who'll put and keep him in check. Billy's fourteen going on twenty-five. I'm tired of fighting with him, and I'm not gonna do it anymore. He's either gonna submit to me as his momma or he can live someplace else. This is my house, and anybody who lives in it will follow my rules. End of story.

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