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Rebuilding Alden
by JR Thompson


“Take it to the streets” — the new American motto.

Our progressive society has done away with peaceful marches and boycotts and replaced them with egging law enforcement officers, torching buildings, and looting.

How did our nation become so lawless?

Probation officer Philip Bones would say it started with America’s youth. Take his client Alden Wamboldt for example, a fiery-tempered thirteen-year-old who resorts to violent temper tantrums whenever he hears the word “no.”

Without intervention, Alden will not only ruin his own chances of a successful future but will hurt innocent people along the way.

Driven by compassion, Philip Bones recognizes the juvenile justice system will do nothing to rebuild the boy’s character. What Alden needs is a firm hand willing to dish out a healthy dose of tough-love, and Bones is determined to give it to him!

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Meet Alden

Who said anyone could write a book about my life? For that matter, what makes you think you have the right to read about me? Here's the deal: My grandma's supposed to be raising me, but she's always making my life difficult. Does she really think I'm going to let her get away with confiscating my cell? And the audacity of calling the cops just because she doesn't get her way? Oh, and did you hear about this Philip Bones guy? The probation officer who thinks he can save the world? What a joke!


Meet Grandma

Everyday is pure chaos! Everybody wants to blame me for Alden's actions, but I'm doing the best I can! He's bigger than me, and to be honest, I'm terrified of him. I don't have good enough health to raise a teenager. At the same time, I hate the foster care system with everything in me, and can't bear to give him up. If something doesn't change soon, I'm going to end up in the hospital or worse. And Alden, he's going to wind up in juvie. Help! Please. Somebody? Anybody?

Meet Philip Bones

I'm not going to make any bones about this. Alden Wamboldt needs a good kick in the seat of his pants. That boy has been getting his way far too long. Somebody has to break his will - and his grandmother's not doing him any favors by cowering down to him. If she'll give me a chance, I believe I can help Alden. He might hate me for it in the short-term because I might have to come across as being a big jerk. But a good wake-up call is in order, and I'm up for the challenge!


What are you waiting for?

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