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Hidden in Harmony

by JR Thompson


Practice what you preach!

It was easy to tell his son he should have compassion for the less fortunate, but when a homeless man shows up on Collin’s doorstep, that’s an entirely different story. After much deliberation, the Russells invite the beggar to move in with them on a temporary basis. It’s only after the man takes over their son’s bedroom that they learn he was previously accused, but not convicted of performing a heinous act on another young boy.

Evicting the man would be the simplest route to follow, but the Russell family doesn’t want rumors to cloud their judgment. For all they know, the guy could be perfectly innocent. Instead of kicking him to the curb, they enlist themselves as amateur detectives.

Discovering the truth will be harder than they could ever imagine as they come face-to-face with threats, assaults, kidnappings, and murder.

Is Brock responsible for the madness? You won’t know unless you
snag a copy of Hidden in Harmony today.

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