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In 17th Century Dublin, Ireland, a boy must endure the harsh reality of being forced into slavery while never giving up hope of regaining his freedom.

Brutalized is a novel about greed, loneliness and despair, determination, and faith.

Callum's saga continues, but under the authority of a new master whose practices could easily be described as barbaric. 

This novel is a must-read for those interested in the Irish slave trade, although it may not be for the squeamish.

As soon as you finish reading Brutalized, jump into Infuriated.


Find out what happened to Callum's parents on the night he was kidnapped, and meet Darcy at the same time by reading Devastated!

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Book Cover Design (version 2).jpg

Meet The Author:

JR's number one goal in life to please the Almighty God. He prides himself on writing clean yet intriguing fiction.

He enjoys writing across a variety of genres, and loves connecting with his readers.

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Latoya Berger, a happily single business woman must rely upon her faith to carry her through a series of life-changing trials.

This novel is sure to bring out just about every emotion you have!

If you don't read this today, you'll kick yourself for putting it off.

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